Who is Freda

Freda is the virtual alterego of Angelika, who is the one behind the keyboard, pushing pixels, coloring, saving, rendering, uploading…whatever is necessary to make virtual clothing. 
Freda Fredriksson is the one, who made a successful career in secondlife as a fashiondesigner and gave up, cause she totally burned out with all the organization work, that was necessary to keep the virtual business running. Or was this Angelika? Hard to say, I cannot keep my identities apart, cause they are one. I am loving with one heart, designing with one heart. The real world is inspiring my virtual world and the virtual world makes me laugh, what makes my real life more fun, only examples….

So why a Poser-Blog?

Fashiondesigner, computer addict, pixeldoll lover. Well-equipped with a lot of skills…. and so I found a new challenge in getting Poser to run. It was so frustrating in the beginning, but after some months I am starting to love it.
I found a great community of highly creative and great people, happy to help a beginner.

This will be the documentation of my doing, for myself and for others, who might like to watch my steps and hopefully one day I will sell good quality content at  those wonderful 3D-marketplaces where I spend huge sums myself at the moment with all that seductions!
Freda will lead you through this blog and hope you have some fun here. 

Hugs, Angelika


9 Responses to “Who is Freda”

  1. Looks great, Angelika! And you’re coming along very nicely with Poser. Keep up the good work! You’ll be kicking out more hot designs soon.

  2. Lovely work!!!!! You have done soooooooooo well in such a short time.
    Love and hugs

  3. WOW!!!!! I’m just awestruck by your beautiful designs and your technical expertise after such a short time working in Poser! You definitely have the talent to do this professionally–go for it! Btw, I absolutely LOVE the white lace pantsuit!!!!!

  4. Hiiii sweety!!!

    Looks amazing and I am reallyhappy for you, and happy that you are enjoying it. Like the old times but better 😉

    Keep going cuz this ROCK!!!!

  5. superb – stay on

  6. Helga Katherina Says:

    Hallo my darling you are the greatest

  7. fredasposerworld Says:

    Sure, you are my mum!!!

  8. Awesome – so glad i found your site through twitter – keep up the great work and i shall be following your progress – i have been dabbling with poser for over a year now but am still at the rendering for pleasure stage – and i too spend enormous amounts of money at the various marketplaces – lol.. envy you your ability to create…

  9. fredasposerworld Says:

    thanks Bohemian! Struggling with Poser since half a year now, but its so much fun and I am getting better….lol…slowly Thanks for your great and informative website! May I add you to my linklist?

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