Sexy Lace Dress

This outfit Karth and I just finished last week ( a cooperation product and I had much fun to do the textures and materials for it) was declined by Renderosity and will not be sold.
It appeared to be “loosely fitting, to be thin and of no substance”
. For me it fitted perfectly and lace is always thin, isn’t it? It has tons of funny morphs in it and will fit to almost any V4 character. If there was something to improve we could have done this, this is what testing is for, isn’t it?
I am deeply disappointed about the highhandedness of Renderosity and was about to close my store yesterday. Close friends adviced not to do this is anger, so I will rethink this decision.

Watch the dog! (get him here: devil dog with Cyllans fabulous textures


3 Responses to “Sexy Lace Dress”

  1. Dixie Lee Atkin Says:

    Ok let Rendo suffer with out your designs I’ve heard horror stories about them & Daz Studio is leaving them behind in a lot of areas now.
    I’ve noticed lately the count of people on site is very low as compared to months ago.
    I personally love the design so when you decide where you are going to sell it let me know or is it just a for Poser only item?
    Thinking of you now & always

  2. the design is awsome and I would love to also know where I can get it

  3. fredasposerworld Says:

    Chris, I have sent you an email. I hope you’ve got it and this was ok!

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