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Pale Fantasy Skin and Witch Hair for Haru

Posted in Clothing on August 1, 2012 by FredaF

Lovely fantasy skin and black messy hair for Haru.
This little character matches perfectly the dress in the previous post.

Get it here

Gloomy Mood Halloween skin for Haru


GloomyMood Outfit for Haru

Posted in Clothing on October 4, 2011 by FredaF

Ok, we are more lucky with the niche figures.
Karth and me created a new outfit for Haru. The matching skin and hair will follow after testing.

Have fun!

GloomyMood Outfit available here…

Halloween Dress for Haru

Sexy Lace Dress

Posted in Clothing on September 18, 2011 by FredaF

This outfit Karth and I just finished last week ( a cooperation product and I had much fun to do the textures and materials for it) was declined by Renderosity and will not be sold.
It appeared to be “loosely fitting, to be thin and of no substance”
. For me it fitted perfectly and lace is always thin, isn’t it? It has tons of funny morphs in it and will fit to almost any V4 character. If there was something to improve we could have done this, this is what testing is for, isn’t it?
I am deeply disappointed about the highhandedness of Renderosity and was about to close my store yesterday. Close friends adviced not to do this is anger, so I will rethink this decision.

Watch the dog! (get him here: devil dog with Cyllans fabulous textures

2D Textures and Materials for Poser

Posted in Clothing, Specials on June 15, 2011 by FredaF

With all the FemaSu and space designs there came a couple of unexpected and beautiful textures out of my wacom tablet. So I went on, did some more and packaged them up into 3 new products for sale exclusively on Renderosity. Have fun to create your own designs with these resources.

Space Fabrics

Space Materials

Space Materials

Damask and Brocade Textures

Bridal veil freebie

Posted in Clothing on June 15, 2011 by FredaF

the perfect headpiece to make Kwinungu dress a wedding gown and its for free !!!

Available at and at Renderosity in the free section:

Glamorous Fema

Posted in Clothing on June 15, 2011 by FredaF

Transform your FemaSu 2011 into a sophisticated princess or even into a glamorous bride. This rich 7 pieces conforming outfit comes with 3 texture options (offwhite, royal blue, passionate red) Have fun mixing and matching and happy rendering!

available at

Here she comes….FemaSu 2011

Posted in Clothing on March 11, 2011 by FredaF

Long awaited from the depth of outer space directely into your runtimes with a huge suitcase of beautiful content from an ambitioned and very talented little team of content creators consisting of FredaF (sorry, I am the first in alphabetical order….lol…) FrogLaceStudios, Karth, ShoxDesigns, VagabondAllen, Wayii, WildDesigns.

For more infos and images please visit the actual newsletter showing all the fabulous products:

PoserAddicts Newsletter FemaSu 2011 Exclusive

FemaSu 2011